Re: String freeze breakages in procman

Le vendredi 12 novembre 2004 Ã 21:18 +0100, Christian Rose a Ãcrit :
> Hello BenoÃt,

> In any case, here's the list of the five unapproved string
> additions/changes:

sorry, i didn't know it was so important.

> 	Add/
> #	Change	String				ViewCVS link
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 1	C	"System resources monitor"
> 2	C	"%s (thread)"
> 3	A	"BenoÃt Dejean - maintainer"
> 4	A	"Zombie"
> 5	A	"Uninterruptible"

so what ? revert ? unmark ?

revert the 2 C, then branch and add the 3 A ?

i think procman 2.8.0 was released to early (no maintainer, 2.7.x
released as it). i'm a bit annoyed by string freeze because i haven't
planed anything for 2.10, meaning i have to branch only for strings. but
i understand your point of view. tell me what's best to do, and i'll do
it immediatly.


BenoÃt Dejean
JID: TazForEver jabber org

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