Re: Weekly translation status

Today at 1:26, Adam Weinberger wrote:

>>> (05.23.2004 @ 1854 PST): Danilo Segan said, in 0.9K: <<
>> Ok, if nobody complains in a day or two, I'll switch it back to 2.6
>> (this switching back and forth has no side effect since stats will be
>> mailed on Friday :).
>>> end of "Re: Weekly translation status" from Danilo Segan <<
> Would it be possible to have both 2.6 and 2.8 statistics generated and
> emailed? 2.6 statistics are the most important, but 2.8 statistics are
> the most interesting.

It would, but I'm not sure translators want them both.  After all,
very similar Gnome 2.6 statistics can now be viewed at (because it includes 
only desktop and developer-libs after other categories have been moved
to gnome-2.8); without the weekly changes, though.

Technically, there's no problem at all, so just make your picks. ;)


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