Re: Weekly translation status

Hi Christian,

Yesterday at 10:46, Christian Rose wrote:

> Perhaps you could make it use GNOME 2.6 a little longer. It is the
> stable branch and where "completeness" still matters the most. I'd love
> to hear Kjartan's opinion though on whether there will be more GNOME
> 2.6.x releases. If not, we could switch to monitoring GNOME 2.8 right
> now.

Ok, if nobody complains in a day or two, I'll switch it back to 2.6
(this switching back and forth has no side effect since stats will be
mailed on Friday :).

At 10:48, Christian added:

> Danilo, perhaps making it clear which GNOME release the statistics are
> targeted for would be possible in the script (subject/body of the mail
> etc).

Sure, I'll do it later on as well.


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