Re: CVS account for Translation

tor 2004-05-20 klockan 15.02 skrev Gursharn Singh:
> My Team request Account many times, but no reponse
> We follow the procedure as given , Please Help us to
> create account 

We now have CVS account addition working again, so it should be possible
to create new CVS accounts again. In particular, this account request
should have been resolved.

If there's some other translators who feel that their CVS account
requests have been forgotten, in that case please follow the
instructions on the

If you're wondering if you're eligable for a CVS account of your own,
here are some general rules:

* You must have already made a nontrivial amount of translation
contributions to GNOME, and be in the need of an account of your own.
The latter usually means that you should maintain several different
translations, and be doing nontrivial updates on them rather frequently.

* Your translation team coordinator must approve (i.e, if you translate
into Thai, the Thai translation team coordinator must approve and
support you having an account).

* Accounts are only given to individuals, and they must qualify on their
own. Thus, there are no such thing as "shared team accounts", although
an individual with an account can help commit translations for other
members of the team.

Thus, it's possible for a single translation team to have several people
with CVS accounts, as long as those persons all qualify on their own.


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