Re: [Fwd: Re: New string in gnome-control-center]

Hi Christian,

Christian Rose <> writes:

> Just to clear things up -- the message(s) debated here have already been
> approved and committed to cvs, right? Or am I confusing it with some
> other string changes?

You're probably not looking for my answer here, but I think that's
exactly the case: string has been in for at least a few days, if not
entire week.

This is the message in question:

#: gnome-settings-daemon/gnome-settings-keyboard-xkb.c:151
#, c-format
msgid ""
"You have a keyboard remapping file (%s) in your home directory whose "
"contents will now be ignored. You can use the keyboard preferences to "
"restore them."

So, I see no reason in debating it under this title.  If we're to
discuss policy for string freeze breakages in the future, we should
probably start with new thread -- there's no any particular reason to
treat Sergey or Jody any worse than we're treating other developers
who violate string freeze: none of them has so far received this much
complaints, and some have committed even worse (IMHO) violations.


PS. Please respect my Mail-Followup-To -- no use in Sergey or Jody
receiving answers to this -- their answers about me being wrong or not
[about the message] will still come up to gnome-i18n.

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