Re: [Fwd: Re: New string in gnome-control-center]

>My view is that committing the warning will violate the string freeze if
>it will be user-visible. It doesn't matter whether it's marked for
>translation or not: adding a user-visible string *is* a string freeze
Absolutely. Just could please anyone answer a couple of questions:
1. Is it absolutely right that .xsession-errors is assumed to be 
non-user-visible? At the end of the day, power user will see it as well, 
won't he?
2. Again, I am asking - has anyone seen any strings from 
gnome-session-daemon in .xsession-errors? On my system, stderr of g-s-d 
is /dev/null - so user will NOT see anything g-s-d outputs to stderr. Is 
it just my system?

>I increasingly feel that the translation team is seen by developers
>merely as an obstacle to getting string changes into CVS.
That's unfair. I really feel very deep respect to GTP, especially 
knowing the importance of properly localized interfaces in Russia. And 
initially I had doubts this breakage was really necessary at this stage. 
But I really feel - this string should be there. Even untranslated 
USER-VISIBLE message is 1E6 times better than no message at all. Just 
letting g-s-d quietly ignore user configuration (even the weird one, in 
some sense) could become a bad tradition which we would not like to 

With a lot of gratitude to GTP for its great work and great support,


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