Re: gettext lint tools

Em Sunday 25 January 2004 14:15, o Nikos Charonitakis escreveu:
> Very nice tools, thank you!
> One question:
> How can i generate html reports from xml files.
> Is there an easy way?
You can easily generate HTML reports from XML files using XSL transformations 
(XSLT). You can find references about such technologies in

Other technology deeply related to XSLTs is the XPath language. More about it 

We use such kind of files when we generate (in a static, scheduled way, 
unfortunately) the HTML pages for

(a page with the status for KDE translations into Portuguese).

Hope this may help you understand it a little bit more. More comments 

Best regards,

José Nuno Coelho Pires

> NikosC
> Στις 24/Ιαν/2004, ημέρα Σάββατο και ώρα 18:47, ο/η Pedro Morais έγραψε:
> > Hi!
> > I just released the first version of my gettext linting tools.
> >
> >
> >
> > I use them in KDE's and Red Hat/Fedora i18n for checking the consistency
> > between translations in different files (it replace's kde-i18n's
> > check_consistency and in my benchmarks is 10 times faster) and for
> > checking common mistakes like a message that ends with a ':' but the
> > translation doesn't, etc, etc. Please take a look at the sample reports
> > for more.
> >
> > The tools are written in Python, patches/comments/requests welcome.

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