Re: Update intltool

Hasbullah Bin Pit <> writes:

> Åsmund Skjæveland menulis:
>> Updated to latest CVS version. Now «intltool-update nn» doesn't
>> work.
>> What's wrong?
>> Error message:
>>         can't open No such file or directory at
>>         /home/asmund/hakk/intltool/bin/intltool-update line 952.
> I dont know
> may be it need latest gnome-common?
> but my temporary solution is just copy from po dir from
> other module. and it worked :)

No, it's a bug I introduced, because I didn't think it through when I
was writing that function (I just copied that part from another function
where it's neccessary to have file, so intltool-update dies there).

Everyone, sorry about that, a simple fix is in the bug #131885.


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