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På må , 19/01/2004 klokka 15:00, skreiv Danilo Segan:
> I want to ask every translator who makes use of intltool-update in
> CVS, to update to the latest CVS version (module intltool).
> Others who are fetching translations via status pages should be fine.
> Though I think Carlos should update intltool as well -- I think it's
> currently correct only because a wrong POT filename is used there, it
> should be gtk20.pot, because intltool-update doesn't really extract
> POT name per-directory, but uses the global per-module name of POT
> file extracted from; I don't want to change
> translation-status.xml before Carlos acknowledges that he has updated
> intltool on his system. 

Updated to latest CVS version. Now «intltool-update nn» doesn't work.
What's wrong?

Error message:

        can't open No such file or directory at
        /home/asmund/hakk/intltool/bin/intltool-update line 952.

It is quite correct that there's no in the po/ directory
I'm in. Do I have to wait for all the developers to add one, or did I do
something wrong when I compiled?

Offending function in intltool-update:

sub FindPOTKeywords

    my $make_source; {
        local (*IN);
        open (IN, "<") || die "can't open $!";
        seek (IN, 0, 0);
        local $/; # slurp mode
        $make_source = <IN>;
        close IN;

    my $keywords = "--keyword\=\_ --keyword\=N\_ --keyword\=U\_";
    # \s makes this not work, why?
    $keywords = $1 if $make_source =~ /^XGETTEXT_KEYWORDS[

    return $keywords;

Åsmund Skjæveland <>

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