Re: Translations, GNOME and KDE

<quote who="Arafat Medini">

> 1-know very early in the development process which modules will
> eventually be added and how much strings they count...

So, in current release schedule thinking, we start compiling the list of
proposed modules early on in the process (a month after the final stable
release), and finalise the modules list four months in. We actually changed
that date for this release, choosing to have the module freeze and feature
freeze at the same time - perhaps this should be reconsidered.

> 2-Reduce the pos to only UI visable strings, no normal user will take a
> look at Debug strings and so speak with coders about which strings to
> include on the pos and which not...

Possibly controversial, but not something I'll get into. ;-)

> 3-Speak more to us I think we play an important role in the development
> process, lately I am seeing very nice communication going on BUT still
> it would be good to ask us about our thoughts on the addition of a
> module etc... in the official gnome release, I think maybe this is a
> little bit too far fetched... But Hey let us demand more to get a little
> bit then nothing ;)

Definitely not far-fetched, that's definitely what we want to see. But it
takes work on both sides, usually at critical points such as the modules
selection discussion. If there aren't enough i18n team members tracking
issues on desktop-devel-list and forwarding information on, perhaps that
needs to be addressed. I will make more effort to maintain active contact
from the release team, too.


- Jeff

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