Re: [Fwd: Re: New string in gnome-control-center]

> Ok, so we're talking about non-technical, with installed and loaded
Well, even technical people will have some hard time trying to realize
why their .xmodmap is not working any more. Yeah, they will.
> XKB (which is, as you say, fairly new), long-standing users of X and
Probably Jody just mentioned that XKB is newer than xmodmap (core X
keyboard machinery). True, "fairly new" is not exactly correct statement
> using xmodmap to modify their keyboard settings, without actually
> knowing that (these are all important for the case at hand).
Even people who KNOW they are using xmodmap - they will get confused by
the fact it does not work any more. Just silently does not work.

> What about the those non-technical, XKB equipped, long-standing X
> users?  To them, since they might not understand the message, you're
> offering a dialog with meaningless crap and two buttons which don't
You are mostly welcome to invent the wording which explains (not too
techy) what's wrong.
> help either ("Ignore" and "Rename") -- they would both cause the
> exact same failure which you want to avoid (except the "silent"
> part):
The word "silently" is a keyword here. Sure we'd like to fix the
problem, not explain user why it cannot be fixed. But all possble
"hidden" solutions were discussed earlier (believe me - they were) and
none of them is real. I hope you believe Jody and me would be happy not
to have this argument here:)
> So, this dialog seems to me to be *notification* dialog that things
> don't work; it doesn't offer a proper solution ("remind me again that
> my configuration doesn't work" or "don't remind me again that my
> configuration doesn't work"; no option to fix the configuration), and
There are option (since yesterday night)! Option "Ignore" is actually
"Ignore forever" (or at least till some hidden flag in gconf is
cleared), not "Ignore for this session" (so, it is same as "don't remind
me again"). The option "Rename" is "fix my configuration in a way that
I'll never see this dialog again"). Unfortunately, we cannot offer "fix
the configuration and return my settings back to work" - because
disabling xkb programmatically is not possible, server-wide. Again,
better wordings are very welcome.

> non-technical users still won't be able to get their settings back
Yes, they won't. But "warned means armed" - that's the whole point.

> don't know how, and I consider myself a technical user -- I would
> have to look it up through man pages, configuration files, etc.).
You are too shy. I bet the first file you'll look at will be XF86Config
- so you'll immediately see the setting.

> Did I miss anything?  If not, I don't see a single reason to have
> this message in a dialog, instead of stderr, since this seems like
> attempt to artificially interpolate usage cases.
OK. If the options to fix the situation are there - do you see reasons



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