Unmarked string in EOG

I'll open up a bug for this if I don't receive the answer in a day or
two. (I'm CCing Jens from AUTHORS, he's most active per ChangeLog :).

There's a unmarked string in EOG which shows up whenever is a
directory opened (a "collection") -- it shows up in the status bar.

It's pretty visible, so (with all other approvals this late), perhaps
the following patch should be applied as well?


--- collection/eog-collection-view.c.~1.58.~    Thu Feb 12 01:48:51 2004
+++ collection/eog-collection-view.c    Sat Feb 21 08:15:57 2004
@@ -944,7 +944,7 @@
                str = g_new0 (guchar, 70);
-               g_snprintf (str, 70, "Images: %i/%i", nsel, nimg);
+               g_snprintf (str, 70, _("Images: %i/%i"), nsel, nimg);
                BONOBO_ARG_SET_STRING (arg, str);
                g_free (str);

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