Re: Strings with context

Yesterday at 21:58, Christian Persch wrote:

> glib 2.4 introduced support for annotating strings with context, for
> disambiguating identical strings with different context, like for
> example when the same word is used as a noun and an adjective. I've
> recently fixed bug 113932 in Epiphany by adding context to some strings,
> but now I've been alerted by a translator that it's not obvious that the
> "...|" part should NOT be translated. Should this be mentioned in some
> translator FAQ/HOWTO, or should perhaps intltool add a hint whenever it
> extracts on of those strings? I'd rather not add a translators comment
> to each and every instance of such a contextualised string.

I hope I'm guessing correctly that even though part "...|" *need not*
be translated, there's *no harm* in it being translated.   At least
all the "context" examples in gettext manuals simply searched for
first occurence of a character, and applied that equally to
translations and original strings.  I believe that any
glib-introduced mechanisms acts similarly.

It would be very hard for intltool to know when a string contains
"context", and when it is actually a string containing "|".  FWIW,
intltool doesn't even look at .c source files, since it passes them
directly to xgettext.


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