Re: How to do the language code switch for Norwegian Bokmål: no -> nb

man, 02,.08.2004 kl. 22.37 +0200, skrev Pablo Saratxaga:
> Kaixo!
> On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 05:20:38PM +0200, Ãsmund SkjÃveland wrote:
> > Some within the Norwegian translation teams are now arguing that it's 
> > time for GNOME to use 'nb' as the language code for Norwegian BokmÃl 
> > 	What is the best way to do this, technically? Some argue that the 
> There is no technical problem at all;
> all that is needed, is for users to have LANGUAGE="nb:no"
> so that both "nb" and "no" translations will work (as there will be

Believe it or not there is a lot of software out there that doesn't use
gettext. Abiword,, and others? So this solution isn't
really good enough for a normal distro. I think we're going to have to
live with both translations installed for a time and I'm tempted to just
copy the no.po files to nb.po and make it a full new "language" and then
remove no.po over time. I don't think this is an extra burden big enough
to worry about.

> a transition period when both will coexist; KDE could made them
> all switch because it is a very centralized release process, but a
> typical Gnome system is not, it is Gnome core plus a lot of more or less
> independent programs that use gnome libs)
> So, maybe the best thing to do will be to make gdm define such
> LANGUAGE value when either nb_NO or no_NO locale is selected.
> > How much work, roughly, would be involved to make it work?
> something like that:
> for i in `find * -name no.po` 
> do
> mv $i `dirname $i`/nb.po
cp $i `dirname $i`/nb.po

> cvs add `dirname $i`/nb.po
> done
> for i in `find *`
> do
> rm -f tmfile
> cat $i | \
> 	sed 's/\(ALL_LINGUAS=.*\)\<no\>\(.*\)/\1nb\2/' > tmpfile && \
> 	cat tmpfile > $i
> done
How do you add "nb" at the appropriate place in ALL_LINGUAS when you
don't know what entry it's supposed to be placed in front of? Just
curious :-)

cvs commit


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