RTL languages question (was Re: Evolution and support for rtllanguages)


While the topic is about applications UI and RTL languages, I wanted to
ask if icons should be mirrored when using RTL ? For example, in
Rhythmbox, should the direction of the arrow of the play button be
mirrored (as in http://cfergeau.free.fr/arabic.png) or not ?



Le jeu, 22/04/2004 à 12:55 +0200, Arafat Medini a écrit :
> Hi all,
> Evolutions interface is very buggy regarding rtl languages. This problem
> was reported long ago but no one seemed to care.
> After a chat with the evolution developers, the problem was downplayed
> stating that no one of the hackers uses ar locale and so there isn't any
> need to fix that problem.
> But pls take a look at this screen:
> http://www.silverpen.de/evo.png
> the interface is messy at it's best...
> In this regard Evolution doesn't match the standards set by the gnome
> project.
>  And I am against getting it included in the 2.8 D&D release if it
> doesn't have proper rtl support.
>  All the apps have it but the evo hackers don't seem to care.
> I mean haw can you ignore over 50 countries using rtl scripts and
> important languages such as Arabic hebrew persian etc... for an app like
> Evo? Which is a core app in gnome and which everyone will want to use.
> Especially that every hacker was helpful regarding rtl only the Evo ppl
> weren't.
> I want a clear view about this. Especially that this is not a light bug
> it's the whole app from a GUI perspective that is screwed.
> yours
> Arafat Medini
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