Re: gtranslator - do not use !

On Sat, Apr 03, 2004 at 12:16:43AM +0300, Mugurel Tudor wrote:
> I just manage to broke a couple of translation using that application,
> so my advice would be to stay out of that application until version 23.0
> or something. I think it's pretty shamefull that we don't have a serious
> gnome translation tool.

It's serious just a little buggy.

> I used to use kbabel, but lately run into some dependency problems and
> didn't install it anymore, because gtranslator seemed like a nice
> software that time. Well, it's not. It has some serious bugs:
> 1. It shows every spave as a point. No problem here, kbabel does the
> same. BUT if you copy and paste something, ity will copy and paste with
> points in stead of spaces. What was on their mind ?
> 2. If I hit an enter at the end of line to continue to translated string
> at a new line, it does not consider necessary to add a space, so the
> final string in application will have a missing space. That's terrible. 

I don't really think that this is bugs. 1) You can turn that option off;
2) It's normal behavior IMHO and it should keep working like this.

> I have a few broken translations because of this. I've checked after I
> translated them, but it's kinda difficult when you translate an
> application of 1000 strings, of which 800 was already translated, that
> the other 200 are all good. 

You probably really screwed something yourself, not gtranslator.

> I will contact gtranslator developers about these bugs, but I thought it
> might be a good idea to warn some other innocent souls to not make the
> same mistake as I did :(

Sure. Bugreports are signs of progress. I like to add from myself that
gtranslator *must* improve it's plural forms handling. Currently it
screws my three plural forms strings on saving document.

> Thank's God 2.6.1 is scheduled pretty soon.

Thank GNOME developers instead ;-)

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