Re: Suggestion

субота, 06. септембар 2003. 16:54:14 CEST — Jeff Waugh написа:
> English. It may have spelling errors throughout, but it's
> recognisable. :-)

Okay, I commited those change along with the "number of speakers" list.

It was made according to discussions on this list, but where there was  
no agreement (like "Chinese"), I've followed the Ethnologue, and put in  
a word "over". Also, since Ethnologue is not certain over number of  
Azerbaijani users, I couldn't possibly be either, so I've put  
population of Azerbaijan as the estimate.

I'll remind everyone that these are *not* accurate figures, but rather,  
serve to get the basic idea of to how many people certain language  
reaches (in that sense, it's not even a big mistake to consider a 350  
million as a "hundreds of millions", as compared to eg. "50 million",  
or "5 million"), as well as to serve the purpose of determining size of  
potential Gnome market (latest news: "Gnome 2.4 is a desktop and  
developer environment targeting more than 2.5 billion users  
worldwide" ;-).

Of course, any corrections are welcome (releng/2.x/2.4rnotes/rni18n. 
xml), but no need to flame over the correct numbers (it's so much  
better when you've got not very well known language, like Serbian, so  
no one can correct you ;-).

Btw, John, since I don't want to put in some bad English, could you  
check the rni18n.xml, and add something along the lines of
 "Estimated number of speakers is indicated in parentheses"
in there?


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