Re: Fixing 5th Toe in status pages

Ole Laursen <> writes:

> Has anyone had a look at the 5th Toe pages lately? Weren't
> stickynotes_applet and gswitchit supposed to be removed from the 5th
> Toe page after 2.4 was released? And don't we lack some of the modules
> from the announcement of 5th Toe 2.4.0?

So sound-juicer is on the Fifth Toe page now, stickynotes_applet is
nuked and gcm and gnomeradio has been moved to extras.

It seems all modules have been accounted for. gpaint (by Andy Tai) is
on the GNU Savannah. And on Source Forge. Besides being in the Gnome
CVS. Apparently, Andy is not good at cleaning up...

Note to everyone: we need to remember to delete gswitchit too at some

Ole Laursen

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