Re: Translation of gnome user guide / FAQ files

tis 2003-11-04 klockan 00.23 skrev Danilo Segan:
> Дана понедељак, 03. новембар 2003. 22:40:28 CET, Andras Timar написа:
> > See also
> > KDE also have a DocBook<->PO tool. KDE have many docs traslated, so  
> > it must be a useful tool :-)
> This has already been discussed. It seems that those tools are putting  
> up unrealistic requirements list, at least from Gnome point of view  
> (something like Qt, kdelibs, etc.). Of course, I don't know precise  
> details, but this is how I interpreted previous discussions.
> Ideally, this kind of tool should not depend on anything other than  
> libxml2 and gettext, but a couple more of less extensive requirements  
> (like glib) would be acceptable too, IMHO.
> Btw, I started with (slow) translation of GNOME Users Guide, and I'm  
> already missing matching of identical paragraphs, and fuzzy matching  
> for similar ones :-)

Hear, hear.
And if you think initial translation of XML docs is painful, just wait
until you need to maintain and update those translations... :-/


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