Re: Translation of gnome user guide / FAQ files

lör 2003-11-01 klockan 10.57 skrev Jatin Nansi:
> >>As per step 2 of - to 
> >>translate gnome to a language - i need to translate general user 
> >>documents - which includes The GNOME User's Guide and the GNOME User 
> >>FAQ. But I could not find any documented method which I can follow to 
> >>translate these to another language.
> >
> >This is unfortunately true, possibly because not many translators are
> >currently also translating docs. Some heroes are working on DocBook<->PO
> >tools though to make this process easier.
> Any idea if these tools are on the Net somewhere and on the status of 
> the same?


> Also which help files do I take as the master version for a particular 
> release of gnome and where can I get it?
> Is there any set of documents that I can take as the official and latest 
> docs, or shd i start with the ones installed on my RH9 system?

CVS is always the master source. Please don't use the docs shipped with
any distro as the source; those are per definition always outdated...

If you have any more questions regarding the translation of docs and
what documents to translate or so, I think is
the better list for that.


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