Re: Gnome-games and scheme

On 23 May 2003, Christian Rose wrote:

> Good catch. I didn't think of that, even though I know some German. Ok,
> now we have our counter-example. :)
> The question remains on how to solve this problem. Theoretically,
> translating 1000+ very similar messages like this could be automated and
> not necessarily very difficult, but the luggage in form of 1000+ extra
> messages in the po files, let alone the extra code for it, doesn't
> exactly make it appealing, nor realistic.
> Perhaps the message could be rewritten. I'm thinking of examples like:
> msgid "move the card \"%s\" onto the card \"%s\""

What about using pictures of actual cards. This would even look better.
But maybe harder to do accessibility right.


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