Re: Updating po files on make dist

fre 2003-05-23 klockan 19.43 skrev Sven Neumann:
> > Did he? AFAIK, he only brought up a worried thought that a change in
> > make dist would create a problem with the source line number
> > references no longer matching, which is clearly nothing to worry
> > about, since they are only used as references to the translators and
> > not by tools or anything like that.
> I was expecting that the fuzzy merger would do a better job when being
> run frequently. I am not sure since I didn't do any tests

I'm not sure either. I'm not confident that the results for a
translation-wise totally unmaintained file will be any different -- the
fuzzy matcher will be working mostly with already fuzzy messages anyway.
Messages can't be more fuzzy than they already are, so the amount of
information available is restricted.

> but I would
> expect more helpful fuzzy matches if the po file is synced with the
> changes from time to time.

I'm not claiming that regenerating po files in cvs is always evil. I'm
just saying that doing it unconditionally as part of the release process
with each and every release as with make dist now, no matter how close
the releases are to eachother in time, is bad. Doing it occasionally
when needed, and preferrably with prior notification to translators, is
fine. Perhaps there is some misunderstanding in that area.


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