Re: Updating po files on make dist

fre 2003-05-23 klockan 19.20 skrev Sven Neumann:
> > I fail to see other benefits by forcefully regenerating every po file
> > everywhere with every release and putting those changes back into cvs.
> > What purpose does such bitshuffling serve, except cause cvs conflicts?
> I think Owen explained it quite well in an earlier mail.

Did he? AFAIK, he only brought up a worried thought that a change in
make dist would create a problem with the source line number references
no longer matching, which is clearly nothing to worry about, since they
are only used as references to the translators and not by tools or
anything like that.
Other than that, I see no explanation of the benefits of forcefully
regenerating each and every po file in cvs with every release. When
there's an actual need for regenerating unmaintained po files in a
particular module due to build time problems, one can still do it
manually with intltool-update, even if isn't done by the make dist step.


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