Re: lib* in status pages

Christian Rose <> writes:

> > libgnomeprint, libgnomeprintui,
> > libgtop and libwnck are in the desktop group. Shouldn't they be in the
> > developer-libs group instead
> Not necessarily. There are and have been many libs in the desktop
> release that are just the dependencies of a few other applications in
> the desktop release (libgtop->procman, libwnck->metacity etc) but are
> not API or ABI stable and hence do not belong in the platform release,
> i.e. they don't belong in the list of stable libraries that third
> parties are supposed to use to build their own applications.
> I'm not sure if this applies to all of these though. Remember that the
> 2.4 module list isn't finalized yet and changes are bound to happen.

Aha. I've looked at

now. So now it makes sense. :-)

> If you want to follow the discussions in the area, please subscribe
> to the desktop-devel list.

Happily, I am. Lots of fun flam^Wdiscussions. :-)

Ole Laursen

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