Re: gnome system tools translation

> On 2003-05-19(Mon) 01:18:09 +0200, Carlos Garnacho wrote:
>> First of all, sorry very much for not requesting your work in 0.25.0,
>> that release was to fit into the gnome 2.3.1 release plan and literally
>> surprised me.
> Two issues:
> 1. Once I asked about removing all .glade.h files from g-s-t, since
> intltool can extract translations from .glade files directly. How's it
> going? It's simple -- remove .glade.h files from CVS (and modify
>, and it's done, assuming they are not reused somewhere
> else...

oh, you're right, I simply forgot this issue :-(

> 2. What's the current policy on handling file in g-s-t:
> maintainers will update it when adding/shuffling code around, or
> leave it to translators? It's quite often that is not in
> sync with the rest of source code. Besides, it contains many files
> not activated by default (such as shares, location management etc),
> which can be moved to POTFILES.skip until the remaining modules are
> implemented later.

OK, I assume the error, unfortunately, it's quite late to make these
changes in 0.26.0, but as soon as I arrive home, I'll work on this.

	Thanks for the feedback :-)

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