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On Fri, 16 May 2003 12:24:55 +0800
"Sajith V.K" <> wrote:

> Hi,
> >Is there a *good* reason that epiphany has separate font selection
> >from the rest of GNOME ?
>     gnome-i18n is not to just support local language in Graphical
>     interfaces, But it should provide other spports too, like
>     displaying web-sites in tocal language. Hence when epiphany
>     moves away from gnome standard it creates a lot of problem to 
>     people like us. We should discuss about the issue  and formulate
>     a common way to face it. For Malayalam(ml) currently we are not
>     planinig to support epiphany. 
 I suppose you are mixing up things. Epiphany is based on mozilla, its
like Galeon maybe with simpler interface.
For its UI ( dialogs, menus ) Epiphany (since its based on gnome 2)
will use gnome font selection methods like anyohter gnome apps, but
for rendering a webpage it will (or should) fall upon mozilla engine
to do it. Now Gnome can render malayalam but not mozilla (it doesnt do
the CTL stuff, just unicode level support). So for Epiphany or for
that matter any browsers based on mozilla, take up the malayalm
support issue on mozilla-i18n (there is already some work on in that
direction, time is right to make the noise there ;).
 Gnome-i18n is only for Gnome i18n,  displaying websites is a browser
issue not a desktop environment issue. So you can support epiphany &
bug mozilla ppl for malayalam support.


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