Re: Themus translations

On 2003-05-14(Wed) 10:29:58 +0800, R.I.P. Deaddog wrote:
> > I'm not really sure about how to merge existing translations either. I
> > suggest we leave that up to the individual translators, as merging
> > "correctly" can be a tricky procedure.
> I guess merging is no more than msgcat + msgmerge (except encoding of
> translation are different), if no 2 messages from themus and
> control-center are identical. Yes, it is the best if individual
> translators can update the po files themselves, but probably quite a
> few don't even read this list, so they don't know the merger.
> Or wait for a while, and only do the merge for those idled teams?

Huh, reply to myself.

I did the simple merge, as there's no conflicting messages. Exceptions:
sv (menthos already merged Swedian translation)

New po files:


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