Re: [Usability] Re: [Fwd: Re: Your final comments on gswitchit in 2.4...]

So, people here complained that single tab "General" look strange - now
there is another strange thing - tabs appearing "out of the blue". Just
look at

Sorry, sourceforge does not know about MNG. So here is gif:

Anyone likes it?

BTW, toggles "Custom/Global" are replaced to radios. Looks a bit better.

It seems, the discussion about gswitchit quietly died:( But I would
really love to get tne answers on the open questions:

1. Proper labels for 3 keyboard-related capplets
(gnome-keyboard-properties, gnome-accessibility-keyboard properties,

2. Support for X servers other than XFree 4.3.0+

3. Flag customization - yes or no (well, it depends on #2).

4. Official UI review from Jody (sure, it should be performed on version
from CVS - it has much better UI now - big big thanks to everyone here).

5. ggv-based preview (BTW, I got feedback from Jaka which gives me hope
that the chain gswitchit-bonobo-ggv will work at some point)

6. As a result of all above, "GNOME 2.? and GSwitchit"

Sure, any remarks about wording in UI were and will be accepted


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