Re: [Usability] Re: [Fwd: Re: Your final comments on gswitchit in2.4...]

> > 1. English (for comunicating with computer, or you know another name for
> >    cat(1) command? ;-)
> That is "ascii", not English.
This is "us" layout, traditional in ex-USSR for entering ASCII

> Would it be a good idea to have the extra ukrainian keys typeable
> trough compose sequences ?
I think lads already got used to their own layout and probably do not
want to use Compose key. I do not mention laptop users - who probably do
not have enough keys to allocate one for Compose.

=?koi8-r?Q?=FC=D4=C1?= =?koi8-r?Q?_=DE=C1=D3=D4=D8?==?koi8-r?Q?_=D3=CF=CF=C2=DD=C5=CE=C9=D1?==?koi8-r?Q?_=D0=CF=C4=D0=C9=D3=C1=CE=C1?==?koi8-r?Q?_=C3=C9=C6=D2=CF=D7=CF=CA?==?koi8-r?Q?_=D0=CF=C4=D0=C9=D3=D8=C0?=

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