Re: No contact from team leader, what to do?

mn 2003-07-07 klockan 22.18 skrev Charles Voelger:
> I have not heard from the Esperanto team coordinator in about 3 months
> (I believe he and I are the only ones doing the translation, unless he
> has been contacted since my last comunication).  I finally got on track
> and mailed him a bunch of updates a week ago.  He has not responded. 

Ok. Jol's last commits were on 2003-06-15, so it's not that long ago.
But we need a present coordinator. Unless he replies in a week, I think
we need to appoint a new coordinator(*).

> What should I do in this situation?  I really want to get in gear and
> try to get as much done as we can for 2.4 so I am a little impatient.

Understandable :)


(*) Please remind me should I forget it.

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