Re: typo mistakes

On 2003-01-10(Fri) 19:02:10 +0100, Christian Rose wrote:
> fre 2003-01-10 klockan 17.14 skrev pclouds:
> > Sorry for reporting bugs here instead of bugzilla (i'm too lazy :)
> This forum is probably a bad choice for EOG bug reports, since I doubt
> many EOG developers are subscribed to this list.

I have just filed these long-forgotten string reports:

But this is coming quite late. What's the expected
schedule for translation freeze?


> Please put bug reports in Bugzilla. It's not that difficult... You don't
> have to report on the web, you can use Bug-Buddy on your own system if
> you like (which will in its turn put it in Bugzilla for you). Or use the
> simple bug report assistant at
> Bugs not reported in
> Bugzilla are much less likely to ever be fixed, especially if they are
> instead reported to the wrong mailing list. Then the chance is close to
> zero that it will be fixed. And that's just a sad waste of time, in
> particular the reporter's. So please make your report actually useful by
> reporting it the proper way through Bugzilla.

Abel Cheung
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