Re: New team for Burmese (my)

tis 2003-01-28 klockan 18.56 skrev Christian Rose:
> tis 2003-01-28 klockan 15.08 skrev Zaw Win Aung:
> > Translation for Burmese(Myanmar) language. 
> > 
> > Coordinator : Zaw Win AUNG
> > E-mail      :
> Thanks! I've added this information to the teams page; it should show up
> shortly.
> I noticed you're not subscribed with your e-mail address above to the
> list. If you're not subscribed, please subscribe as
> soon as possible (you can do that on the web page
> We do require that
> GNOME translators subscribe to the list for good reasons; among other
> things important information to translators does get sent to this list.
> You can find the pot files to translate on
>, you should probably
> start with
> for now.
> If you need any help with getting started you can always ask questions
> on the IRC channel #i18n on Welcome!

Hi! How are things going? I cannot find any my translations in GNOME
Please respond (to the list) so that we know that the team isn't dead.


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