Re: non-utf8 po files breaking the build

sn 2002-11-24 klockan 17.08 skrev Yanko Kaneti:
> > Maybe this could be modified a bit, so that po files that are already
> > valid UTF-8 won't be unnecessarily touched?
> ok here is the final version.
> for F in `grep -l 'charset=[^U]' *.po` ; do msgconv -t UTF-8 $F -o $F.utf && mv $F.utf $F; done
> Files differing only by their timestamp dont get committed anyway.
> msgconv takes care of changing charset=utf-8 to charset=UTF-8.

I think this would be mostly ok, but perhaps inverse matching on a full
"charset=UTF-8" would be more failsafe than just inverse matching on an
initial U in the charset.
Otherwise, if Kjartan agrees, please go ahead.


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