translating stock ids

a couple things:

    2002-03-25  Jarkko Ranta  <>

this broke the build:

    fi.po:249: invalid multibyte sequence

i'll revert the file and you can commit a fixed one later.

also, i noticed in that file and a couple others, there are translations
for things like:
    #: plugins/diff/diff.glade2.h:12 plugins/time/time.glade2.h:3
    #: src/dialogs/gedit-preferences.glade2.h:75
    #: src/dialogs/program-location-dialog.glade2.h:3
    msgid "gtk-cancel"
    msgstr "gtk-abbrechen"

stock ids like this should *not* be translated.

damon, i've filed this as bug #76341 - if you can fix it at the glade
level that would be the most helpful.

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