Re: RFC - keyboard shortcuts in Gnome 2

mån 2002-01-28 klockan 18.06 skrev Simos Xenitellis:
> To visualise, from gedit (or any other editor):
> ======================================
> | _Edit         | _Search | _Options |
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ...
> | Cancel  Ctrl+Z|
> | Repeat  Ctrl+R|
> |----------------
> | Cu_t    Ctrl+X|
> | _Copy   Ctrl+C|
> | _Paste  Ctrl+P|
> -----------------
> ==== The "_Edit" case ==== 1 ====
>   a- While we are writing in the editor and press "Alt+E" (modified key:
> Alt), the edit menu opens. 
>   b- What is the terminology of "Alt+E", access key, shortcut, other?.

Access key (or menu access key), if you use the terminology from the

>   c- In Greek, "Edit" is "Epejergasia" (I use here latin letters, the
> Greek Epsilon looks exactly the same, but is different ISO8859-7 or
> Unicode code). When I press "Alt+?", where "?" is the latin "E" or "e",
> the Greek "E" or "e", nothing happens. The menu does not open up.
>   d- I would like someone to verify in another language, example:
> Russian, Turkish etc. 

This probably has something to do with GTK+ assuming the same position
of the E key. I suggest reporting this as a bug against GTK+.

> ==== The "_Copy" case ==== 2 ====
>   a- While the "_Edit" menu is open and the focus is in one of the menu
> items, one can press the "c" letter (no modifier key) to invoke the
> "_Copy" function.
>   b- What is the terminology of the "C" letter from "_Copy"?

Access key (maybe menu item access key)

>   c- In Greek, "_Copy" is "_Antigrafh". Again, the "A" is the Greek
> letter, different ISO8859-7/Unicode code from the latin "A". When
> pressing the Greek letter, capital or not, the "Copy" function is not
> invoked. 

Bug report :)

> ==== The "Ctrl+C" case ==== 3 ====
>   a- While in the editor, one can use "Ctrl+C" for the copy function.
> This works because "Ctrl+C" is specified in the menu /Edit/Copy/.
> Additionally, one can change this shortcut quite easily. When the "Copy"
> menu-item is highlighted, one can press a key combination with one of
> the following modifiers Ctrl, Alt, Alt Gr or Shift to set a new
> shortcut. In the subsection below I get in more detail on this.
>   b- I believe that "Ctrl+C" is a "shortcut", right?


>   c- In Greek, Ctrl+? does not honor the Greek letters. It shows the
> equivalent latin character. However, this is perfectly ok, by pressing
> the same (hardware) keys, it functions. Thus, with Ctrl, it's per
> hardware key. In Greek, Alt+? works perfectly. It recognises the Greek
> letters and can use them properly while editing text. The binding is
> with character instead of the (hardware) key.

Hmm, bug report this too, and ask GTK+ developers. This probably needs
to be sorted out and properly fixed in GTK+.


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