Re: RFC - keyboard shortcuts in Gnome 2

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Simos Xenitellis wrote:
> a) When pressing Ctrl-? ("?" is any local character, Greek in my case),
> does the application receive an event with the local "?" character? My
> impression (from the Greek XKB settings, GNOME 1.4) is that with Ctrl,
> only the english character is passed. Can anyone verify?


if the shortcut binds to "key button" (hardware) or "key map",
it will not work.

but if the shortcut really binds to "character", it will work.
(consider that "?" from Greek charset is equivalent to
"?" from Latin1 charset.  Unicode sez that it should be equal.)

from my test, it seems that most (if not all) software's
shortcut binds to "key map" or "key button".

i can press Alt-ำ Alt-ฎ to invoke "_Edit" menu.
just because "ำ" shares same "key button" (hardware) with "e"
and "ฎ" shares it with "E".

( ำ = Thai Character Sara Am, ฎ = Thai Character Do Chada)

hmm... so, in this case.
does "?" in Greek keyboard (hardware) use the same
"key button" (hardware) as "?" in US keyboard ?

if not... it may not work :(


to solve the problem, we should use the actual
"character" from "key button".

and to achieve the best, Unicode equivalent of characters
should be in mind.

("X" from one charset/keymap should be
equal to "X" from another charset/keymap)


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