Re: RFC - keyboard shortcuts in Gnome 2


I would like to add the following points to the list:

a) When pressing Ctrl-? ("?" is any local character, Greek in my case),
does the application receive an event with the local "?" character? My
impression (from the Greek XKB settings, GNOME 1.4) is that with Ctrl,
only the english character is passed. Can anyone verify?
b) With the case of accented letters, I believe that they should not be
denoted to be the access key letters as it is impossible(=difficult) to
generate using just the keyboard. 


&Tgr;&eegr;&ngr; &Dgr;&egr;&ugr;, 28-01-2002 &sgr;&tgr;&igr;&sfgr; 15:07, &ogr;/&eegr; Alexander Shopov &eacgr;&ggr;&rgr;&agr;&psgr;&egr;:
> Hi,
> As Gnome2 begins to mature, translators are going to translate the
> Gnome2 po-files more and more.
> I would like to hear what is the official strategy for keyboard
> shortcuts, their representation and co-ordination.
> To the best of my knowledge:
> Right now keyboard shortcuts are represented in the following way:
> #: samples/bonoboui/Bonobo_Sample_Hello.xml.h:4
> msgid "_Edit"
> msgstr ""
> The msgid has an underscore character before the letter that is the
> keyboard shortcut.
> So this will mean that on the menu the "E" character of the "Edit" menu
> will be underlined and people will be able to get to it by pressing
> "Ctrl-E"
> In this particular case the Bulgarian translation also has the sound "e"
> in it, and can be underscored, but this is not always the case. Non
> latin/cyrillic languages will face even bigger difficulties.
> So I want to ask the following questions:
> 1. Will Keyboard shortcuts be dependent on the LOCALE? For example will
> I have to press 1 key combination when the interface is in Bulgarian and
> another when the interface is in English? What about different Charsets
> - CP1251 vs. UTF-8, etc.
> 2. Will Keyboard shortcuts be dependent on keyboard layout? For example
> when I am using a Bulgarian keymap and press Ctr-E, the result is
> different than Ctrl-E in English keymap. Will we have to use only one
> keymap and unable to use shortcuts in anther?
> 3. How are different shortcuts be represented?
> Ctrl-A
> Alt-A
> Mod-A
> Ctrl-Shift-A 
> etc.
> 4. What initiatives are there to standardize keyboard shortcuts across
> different apps?
> 5. What initiatives are there to standardize keyboard shortcuts across
> different languages?
> 6. What initiatives are there to synchronize with KDE?
> 7. What initiatives are there to synchronize with proprietary OSes like
> Windows, MacOS X?
> 8. What tools are there to check the consistence of shortcuts (for
> example Ctrl-E pointing to two different things in the same dialogue,
> menu, etc.)  
> 9. Will there be different styles shortcuts:
> MS like - single key combinations
> vi like - ESC combinations
> EMACS like - esc-meta-alt-control-shift

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