Re: Two questions

tis 2002-01-22 klockan 19.16 skrev Martin Norbäck:
> > You MUST use UTF-8 for all .po files before GNOME 2.0 release if you
> > want all Linux/BSD/* users that are not using glibc >= 2.2 could use
> > GNOME 2.0
> Requiring all po files to be in UTF-8 has the extra advantage that you
> can have strings in your applications be in UTF-8.
> This means, no more tricks with comments to translators to ensure that
> Martin Norback gets translated to Martin Norbäck.

I just found out that Emacs 21 has at least somewhat decent support for
UTF-8 (at least when it comes to latin characters), and vim 6 also has
support, so it is likely that the Swedish team will be converting all
GNOME2 translations to UTF-8 shortly, in any case.


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