Re: Please replace (C) with ? in copyright notices

On 2002-12-11(Wed) 04:04:49 +0100, Christian Rose wrote:
> In many GNOME copyright notice messages the sequence "(C)" is used,
> something like this:
> msgid "Copyright (C) 2002 Foo"
> Please DON'T just copy the (C). Unfortunately, most of the existing
> GNOME translations seem to be doing this, which is why I'm sending this
> mail.
> Why do this have to be replaced? The reason is that the (C) isn't a
> legally recognized symbol for copyright information, but the ? is.
> The reason a (C) is used instead of the proper ? in the msgid is that
> the msgid has to be in ASCII, and ASCII is one of the few character sets
> that unfortunately doesn't have this symbol.

How about other charsets that also don't have copyright symbol? For me,
I'd suggest keeping '(C)' as it is. But others may beg to differ. What's
the global opinion here?

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