Re: GDM translating fun / release coming up

George wrote:
> > don't think I'll manage to update that much until Monday. Martin Norbäck
> > will also be gone.
> >
> > I think I'm able to say that the Swedish team would be happy if the new
> > gdm release was delayed (also a date for a real string freeze for the
> > new release would be nice). Do as you wish.
> Me and freezes aren't good friends, but I shan't be changing stuff before the
> release however. (Sans spelling/grammar errors perhaps)

Do a bugfix release for speling/grammar :-)
If you fix those messages, the translations for those messages will
break (be gone). So you could probably give a hint on this list if and
when messages are corrected.

I've noted those I found later in this letter.

> I can postpone the release to tuesday or wednesday then, would that be ok?

Yes, then I got only myself to blame... :-)
Thanks! I've checked in an updated Swedish translation now, I'll be
sending it for review now, hopefully by tomorrow or the day after that I
will have answers and be able to correct the Swedish translation.

#: daemon/slave.c:563
msgid ""
"Could not execute the configuration\n"
"program.  Make sure it's path is set\n"
"correctly in the configuration file.\n"
"I will attempt to start it from the\n"
"default location.  If I succeed, you\n"
"should fix your configuration."

Shouldn't that be "If I don't succeed..." ?

#: gui/gdmphotosetup.c:95
#, c-format
msgid ""
"The picture is too large and the system administrator\n"
"disallowed pictores larger then %d bytes to\n"
"show in the face browser"


#: daemon/gdm.c:532 daemon/gdm.c:592 daemon/gdm.c:606
msgid ""
"I cannot start the X server (your graphical interface).  It is likely
that "
"it is not set up correctly.  You will need to log in on a console and
rerun "
"the X configuration program.  And then restart GDM."

The last "And" seems unnecessary.


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