Re: Font selection in Nautilus, where is it done?

On Sun, 18 Mar 2001, Vlad Harchev wrote:

> On Fri, 16 Mar 2001 wrote:
> >
> > Dear All,
> > 	I would like to ask how the fonts that appear in
> > the caption of files in Nautilus specified.
> > 	I have found four related places in nautilus.po
> > and I have put correct values for the el language.
> >
> > However, the fonts that are used for
> > 	. the captions of icons (files/etc)
> > 	. the Notes/History/Tree/Help tabs
> >
> > are not iso-8859-7 fonts as they should.
>  Same for russian - iso-8859-1 font is used (needs fonts in koi8-r encoding).
>  But I have only Feb25 snapshot - I'll be able to test 1.0 in 2 days, and
> will report the problem..
>  Also, color names and pattern names in "appearance" (or whatever) completely
> disappear when I turn off smooth graphics, and appear using font with
> hardcoded iso-8859-1 encoding (i.e. russian becomes unreadable ..).

Just noted that the problem has been already reported on It's ID is: 5456

However, the font family that is used (helvetica) is a translatable
string. I have translated it to "helveticagr" which has *-iso8859-7,
however it does not work.

Can the "tr" and "ru" maintainers (who verified the problem) tinker
with this? One just needs to "msgufmt" the translation, fix and "msgfmt"
again to test.

Does anyone know of a tool that can show what font is used in the text box
of a specific application, while it is running..?


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