gdm2, gnome-utils release stuff

OK, so I couldn't help myself and there are changed strings in gdm2.  So I am
postponing the release for a few days to get translations and doc changes in.
There may be some further string changes this evening, but not after that.
Then I plan to release like say saturday or sunday, or more accuretly,
whenever I get to it.

gnome-utils is also getting to release time.  A bunch of strings didn't make
it into the pot file last time plus there were a bunch of string fixes and
additions.  Don't anticipate any changes to strings there, though I'm not the
only hacker on gnome-utils, so I can't guarantee that. :)  (I need to find
that gnome-utils maintainers mailing list thingie to coordinate better:)


George <>
   She had lost the art of conversation, 
   but not, unfortunately, the power of speech.
                       -- George Bernard Shaw

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