I ran an experiment with RedHat ... and ...

So I've been having a hard time getting the locales to get registered on the 
systems. I decided to conduct a little experiment. Here is what I did:

o I took 2 identical systems (Compaq desk pros)
o On one I installed RH7.0 and the other RH7.1.
o I installed everything but Gnome.
o Once the installation was complete, I logged into KDE.
o Using Lynx I installed Ximian GNOME on both distributions.
o Along with Ximian, the locales got installed also.
o I set .xinitrc to gnome-session.
o I set LANG, LANGUAGE, and LC_ALL in .bashrc
o I rebooted the system.

What did I see ....

o RH7.0 booted with the translation messages.
o RH7.1 did not.
o On both systems, when I ran "locale" on the terminal I got the correct 
locale for everything except LANG which kept getting reset to en_US.

Conclusion ...

o I don't know what is going.
o May be wrong .mo files for the translation, but then Ximian should not 
have downloaded them for RH7.1

Request ...

Anyone else can suggest an explanation?


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