translating The GIMP


I have been told that I can reach most of the gimp translators on the
gnome-i18n list, so I'm sending this email to gnome-i18n and the 
gimp-developer list. If you reply, please consider not to cross-post
unless you think your reply does belong to both lists.

I'm one of the maintainers of current gimp development and I do
unofficially maintain the translation of The GIMP for the stable
branch too. There have lately been some confusions caused by the 
fact that The GIMP is at the moment developed in two branches and 
obviously there are translators working on The GIMP that are not 
subscribed to gimp-developer and do not know about this situation.
I hope this mail clears some of this confusion.

GIMP development is currently branched. The HEAD branch is undergoing
major redesigns and it does not make sense at all to work on the
translations in this branch. At the moment we are preparing the 1.2.2
release, a release in the stable gimp-1.2 series. Work on this is done
in the "gimp-1-2" branch and translators should focus on this branch
and this branch only. If people absolutely want to spend time working
on HEAD, go ahead, but do expect a lot of changes that may render your
work obsolete.

Today I found that has po and pot files from gimp.
People seem to use these files and even check translations based on
these files into the stable branch. If the person responsible for can be reached here, I ask him/here to remove these files.

I'd like to use this opportunity to make some additional remarks on
translating The GIMP. There is a file called README.i18n in the gimp
source tree which explains how to translate The GIMP and names a few
points that are special to The GIMP I18N. Every gimp translator should
have read it! There's a copy available on the Gimp I18n page at

>From now on I'll post announcements about upcoming gimp releases to the 
gnome-i18n list too to remind translators to update their po files. 
Please note that the 1.2.2 release is going to happen very soon now.

Salut, Sven

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