Re: Nautilus translations update

On Sat, 24 Feb 2001, Christian Rose wrote:

> Dan Mueth wrote:
> > 1) Nautilus po file (in CVS under nautilus/po/)
> > 2) Nautilus User Manual (in CVS under nautilus/help/)
> > 3) Nautilus Quick Reference (in CVS under nautilus/help/)
> >                              (screenshots aren't final)
> Isn't what's in the quick reference already in the user manual?

There is certainly an overlap in information, and possibly even in text in
some places.  The Quick Reference serves a very different purpose from the
Manual though.  It provides a simple overview which is quick and easy to
go through, for people who don't feel like reading the whole Nautilus User
Manual just to figure out what the basic features are and how to use them.
I thought this was a really nice idea and that it was done very
well.  Assuming others agree, I hope we will start writing more quick
reference documents for some of the other large GNOME apps.


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