Request for translation

    I'm the author of Gnomermind, a nice (well... I hope) puzzle game for
GNOME. Now the project is taking shape, and I'd like to get it translated.
May anyone help me? There isn't so much to write, since this is a game...
just a short po file and the .desktop file, that are in attachment to this
mail. It has yet been translated in italian and russian, and I'd need...
well, all the others! If you want to take a look to it, you can find it at

I'm developing 0.5.9 now, and the attached .po refers to that one, so it's a
little bit different in comparison to the one you can find in that package.
    Thanx in advance,
        mano :)

GnomerMind - an intriguing puzzle
             game for your GNOME!


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