Re: Style Guides for Gnome L10N

Lorna Whelan wrote:
> Hi Dan and Christian,
> Michael Twomey is going to put the L10N Style Guides up on the Gnome cvs tree
> for me.  Please can you point me to the location that he should place them at,
> and who the contact is for that module so that we can ask them too.
> Kind regards,
> Lorna

Hi Lorna!
The "gnome-i18n" cvs module is where the GTP (Gnome Translation Project)
keeps glossaries and where translations that don't have a home module of
their own are put, among other translation/l10n-related things.
I think that's where l10n style guides should be kept. Sadly, I don't
know who's the main person responsible for the gnome-i18n module, but I
doubt putting them there should be a problem.
If you need help putting them there I surely can help. We can even
discuss this interactively, on the #i18n channel on

Best regards

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