Re: Nautilus User Guide Ready For Translation

The best way for me to do it would be for the translators to take the 
actual screen captures. They don't have to be beautiful -- I can touch 
them up. They just need to show a typical system. I would then create 
the final pictures, touching them up and adding screenshots, etc.

If the translators want to do it this way, let me know and I'll draw up 
a short list of specifications. Basically, we'd just need them to open a 
Nautilus window (their localized version, of course), change to the 
default theme, and take a few specific shots that I could define for them.

My turn-around time on this could be very short. I know there won't be 
much time, but I'm fairly quick at this.

Let me know if I can help.

> Vera - Do you have time to make the localized screenshots? 
> Or would it be better if the translators also localized the
> screenshots?  In this case, let's post the files needed to localize the
> screenshots.
> Dan

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