Re: Translating The GIMP

"R.I.P. Deaddog" <> writes:

> But..... FreeBSD? OpenBSD? And other numerous unix platforms?
> I still remembered converting some certain translation into UTF-8 and
> then received complaint that they just see garbled strings. One is using
> OpenBSD, another is using glibc 2.0 .....

IIRC, some(?) free BSD systems have UTF-8 issues; someone has to check
the linus-utf8 mailinglist archive, please.

> iconv is not necessary everywhere......

I think it's this way.  (lib)iconv is available for *BSD, too; but on
those systems you are not able to display UTF-8 properly (please correct
me, if I'm wrong).  This essentially means .po/.mo files encoded in
UTF-8 will not work on those systems.

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