Re: [Red-carpet] Re: Red Carpet translations

As I wrote later, yes, the .mo language files are really shipped and
installed with Red Carpet. But they don't work.

I tested with both sv_SE and da_DK and none of them work - you get some
few menu items translated in the main Red Carpet menu bar, but those are
translations from gnome-libs. None of the translations that are in the
.po files for Red Carpet end up translated in the running Red Carpet.
The po files are syntactically correct, so the problem seems to be Red

I've only tested on Red Hat, but I've just had other people verify that
this is the 
situation on Debian too.


Joe Shaw wrote:
> > Red Carpet 1.0 is released, but there's no sign of the Swedish
> > translation in it.
> >
> > :~(
> The files appear to be installed in /usr/share/locale on my Debian and Red
> Hat 6 and 7 systems. What distribution are you seeing this on?
> Joe

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